We are Ambrosia

A design/engineering/marketing team which has worked together for several years imagining, prototyping, and manufacturing products.  We are three young professionals focused on quickly bringing unique consumer products to the online marketplace.

Alex Cook

Alex is a product developer and designer who specializes in 3D design, packaging, and photorealistic renderings. Over the past couple years Alex has overseen the development of over 15 different product lines. He lives in Chicago and spends his free time working on his R2D2 and saltwater aquarium.

Milam Smith

Milam is a mechanical engineer and project manager who has helped to bring many projects into fruition.  Examples include The Edge Desk System, Marvel Swing and Sling Spidey (Just Play), and Mr. Dusty (Jakks Pacific).  When he’s not giving life to a project in SolidWorks, he’s riding his bike, playing guitar, and rebuilding old motorcycles.

Laura Ferkaluk

Laura is a marketing manager with a passion for photography, web design, and managing social media campaigns. When she isn’t working on a campaign she is exploring Chicago with her camera.

The Process


Gathering ideas and thoughts on sheets of paper and lists. Works every time!


Giving shape to thoughts and ideas using the tools we`ve got!


Transforming designs into real, awesome, ready to be used products!

Let`s Work Together